State Report

2022 – States


April 9th, 2022

The first state to go in 2022 was Texas on April 9th – thousands of Christians gathered in Brady Texas to cry out to God for a Great Awakening. Symbolically, soil from all 254 counties and from Israel, was mixed together and given for every county representative to take home with them. The county representatives were commissioned and prayed for.

A group from Lubbock took 9 bags of soil home from Brady and went and buried the soil in 9 locations throughout the city. There are now reports that God is moving in miracles and salvations in different churches in the city!

South Carolina

June 4th-5th, 2022

Christians from all tribes, tongues and ages prayed and shared God’s love across the state and prayed in the government buildings in Charleston. It was wonderful to partner with March for Jesus and there was great encouragement as God moved with salvation, healing and deliverance.


June 5th, 2022

Members of State Congress, a First Nations representative, children and families and many others all joined in to cry out to God to rend the heavens for a great awakening across America.

Arkansas Event


July 22nd, 2022

Hundreds gathered from all tribes, nations, tongues and ages for a solemn assembly. Desperate prayer and intercession took place for Michigan, with specific requests for key issues such as Human Trafficking. An 11 year old girl shared her testimony and when it came to the open mic at the end, she was the first one to respond! We believe children and young people will help to lead the approaching great awakening!

Michigan Event

New Mexico

July 23rd, 2022

As hundreds gathered to pray, God answered the prayers for the land and there was a mighty deluge and it’s been raining ever since the PATH event! Several First Nations helped to lead the prayers and there was a powerful sense of God’s presence. There was a baptism and many were ouched by the Lord! Go to to view the event.

New Mexico Event


August 20th

The Prayer at the Heart initiative took place at Fort Washakie, on the notorious Wind River Indian Reservation. A ‘Gideon’s army’ of intercessors powerfully cried out to God to rend the Heavens and heal the land for another great awakening. The day started with an ancient Indian drum prayer.

New Mexico Event


September 10th

The spiritual opposition for Prayer at the Heart is intense and a forest fire, started by an arsonist, nearly engulfed the prayer site. However, some intercessors stood in the field and prayed and, at the last minute the wind changed and blew the fire in the opposite direction! God gave a great victory through the Friday and Saturday prayers and, in sealing the intercession and declarations over California and its counties with a symbolic golden nail (see picture), the drought over the land was broken by a beautiful gentle rain!

New Mexico Event


September 24th

God’s presence was very real before and during the Prayer at the Heart event. God manifested His glory with physical and emotional healing, prophetic words and visions, financial provision and words of knowledge. Symbolically, soil was mixed together from across the 64 counties and water was mixed from the rivers and a scripture stake (70 scriptures) was hammered into the ground in the center of the state. Read the powerful full report at

Click the photo to watch a video of a prayer of declaration over Colorado:

New Mexico Event


September 25th

A small ‘Gideons army’ of intercessors gathered to cry out to God for a great awakening. As in most states, a small stake with many scriptures on it was symbolically hammered into the ground.

New Mexico Event


October 1st

Hundreds of Christians, including congressman, church, ministry, business and other state leaders, had a powerful of time prayer, repentance and thanksgiving.  Many prayed through the state capital buildings and Rabbi Curt Landri shared a powerful story and gave a Truman blessing over the state of Missouri – Click photo to listen.

New Mexico Event

North Dakota

October 1st

A small ‘Gideon’s Army’ of some 40 people gathered to pray and call out to God for mercy and the pouring out of His Spirit for a great awakening over the state and the nation. There was a powerful sense of God’s presence with much joy, laughter and encouragement.

New Mexico Event


October 1st

The presence of God was very real as many gathered to seek His face. Praise, worship, repentance and focused prayer for families, government officials, police and others, continued through the day. Declarations of revival and awakening were made over the counties and cities. The gathering was held right by the Northwest corner of the world (45 latitude, 90 longitude), and there was a powerful revelation of the Hebrew word Kanaph (translated as the four corners of the earth or the ends of the earth)!

New Mexico Event


October 21st – 22nd

The PATH event in Oregon started with 24 hours of live worship. There was a wonderful cross section of the Church and the unity welcomed the presence of God. The Native American brothers and sisters led some of the worship using their drums. There were many symbolic acts including mixing and pouring out of water, soil, sand and salt and the planting of 8 scripture stakes – see photo. There was a six hour prayer gathering on 22nd covering many topics, including the commissioning of the county prayer initiatives in 2023

New Mexico Event

2023 – States, Counties and Cities

12 states and hundreds of counties are planning PATH events in 2023.