NE Ohio Pilot

NE Ohio Pilot – IT’S TIME!

The Ohio state motto is: “With God, all things are possible.”
Ohio is the only state that has a scripture for its state motto! – Matthew 19:26

God is doing extraordinary things as we plan the Prayer at the Heart (PATH) pilot in NE Ohio.

“…that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” John 17:23

In line with John 17:23, the vision is for thousands of Christians, from every ‘tribe, tongue and age group’ to link arms in our unity in Jesus Christ. To be mobilized through local churches and ministries to pray and share God’s love and light across NE Ohio through acts of loving kindness and verbal witness.

 If you are a follower of Jesus, we encourage you to consider what God has placed in your hands, and how you could now use your gifts and abilities to serve and bless the ‘lost and the broken.’

 Maybe you have a heart for the poor or the orphans and widows, or maybe you have a special gift of empathy, whereby you are able to offer comfort to the broken-hearted, because of the suffering you have experienced (2 Corinthians 1:4). Perhaps you’re already using your gifts in your local church.

 What we humbly ask you to consider is to link arms with other members of the wider Church for a 40-day period to serve and bless the ‘lost and broken’ in your part of NE Ohio.

 Whatever ministry you choose, experienced experts will give you information and training on how to participate in the 40 days of prayer, care and share, starting on May 8th 2023 and ending with a central gathering on June 17th 2023, to give thanks and praise to God for all He has done.

 Undergirding everything is a powerful team of prayer warriors and intercessors.

Mission, Vision and Strategy

How the strategy works

Please choose one or more of the ministries below and click to join with other Christians in NE Ohio to share Jesus’ love and light with the ‘lost and the broken.’


We want to ‘link arms’ with hundreds of churches in NE Ohio.

Our prayer is that thousands of people will come to faith in Christ during the 40 days of prayer, care and share and in the central gathering on June 17th 2023.

New believers and people who want to know more about Christ, will be directed to a church near where they live.

Please consider if and how you might be able to help with any of the Functional Mission teams such as helping the poor or the widows and orphans. For example, you may already be reaching out to the ‘lost and broken’ through your own initiatives, and you can link these into what is being planned, for example, with leadership and other resources.

Click FAQ’s for answers on questions such as:

  • What happens after the central gathering on June 17th 2023?
  • What if we disagree with the theology of some of the churches taking part in PATH?
  • Will our church be asked for money?
  • What commitment are you asking for from our church?
  • What if we’re not equipped for troubled individuals or families?

Please encourage your members to participate in one or more of the Functional Mission Teams by joining through

Below is a selection of the churches that we are humbled to be linking arms with in NE Ohio


  • Love Akron, Kemp Boyd


  • The River Church


  • Church of the North Coast
  • Ascent
  • Cathedral of Life
  • Bay Presbyterian Church


  • Awakening Church


  • St Ambrose Parish
  • Bethel Church


  • The Church COGIC
  • Manna Church
  • Calvary Chapel
  • Refuge Community Church
  • Hope City Church

Middleburg Heights

  • Grace Church
  • Community of Faith Collaborative (>50 Latino Churches)


  • House of Praise
  • Beyond the Walls
  • Oasis of Peace
  • Elyria SDA
  • Your Son Our Savior
  • Champion Center Church
  • Mision Cristiana El Faro

Ohio City

  • St Patrick’s Parish


  • Fr. Damain Ference and 125 parishes in NE Ohio
  • Church of the North Coast

Upcoming Events

Praying, Caring and Sharing with every Home in NE Ohio

As well as Christians serving in specific ministries to help the suffering – see red section above – the PATH NE Ohio pilot also includes praying, caring and sharing with every one of the 1.1M homes in our region. We thank and praise God that we can partner with the Bless Every Home ministry to use their powerful tool to help us achieve our goal. See details and please sign up as a church or an individual below:


We are using an app developed by our partner BLESS EVERY HOME that will help you pray for people, care for them, share Christ with them, and disciple them. You will receive daily reminders to pray for people.

Click to JOIN – To pray, care and share with every home in NE Ohio

Ministry Partners in Northeast Ohio

We are humbled to be linking arms with the following ministries:

  • Awakening to God Ministries
  • Building Hope in the City
  • Cedar Hills Post Recovery Learning Center
  • Center for Christian Values
  • Chief Justice Bridge of Love
  • Cornerstone of Hope
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • God Cares
  • Hope Behavioral Health LLC
  • March for Jesus
  • Prayer for Ohio
  • Promise Keepers
  • Spirit of Faith Adoptions INC.
  • True Freedom Ministries
  • Unity in Christ Ministries
  • Victory In Truth Ministries
  • Women in Crisis Pregnancies
  • CBMC
  • Family Life
  • Harvestnet Ministries
  • Love Akron
  • Revive OH
  • Sisters of Charity
  • The Cleveland House of Prayer